FAQ (Horses)

As with any therapy there are always questions you need answered before you commit yourself.  Below are a few of the most frequently asked.

Is Equine Bowen acknowledged by vets?

Yes. In April 2000 the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons made a provision that under their direction horses can be treated by qualified practitioners for all kinds of manipulative therapy including Bowen Technique.

How often does the treatment have to be carried out?

This depends on the life your horse leads.  Once the initial treatments have been carried out (1-3 over 1-4 weeks) treatments can be carried out weekly, monthly or when required.

I don’t think my horse will stand still.  Can he still have the treatment?

Yes.  Most horses enjoy the treatment and with a haynet to nibble on will relax quite quickly.  The fidgety nature of your horse may be attributed to some imbalance that is causing him discomfort, so the treatment should be tried.

Can I ride after my horse has had a treatment?

Ideally no, the horse should be given the chance to move freely after a treatment; this is when much of the self healing work is done.  Ideally he should be turned out for the rest of the day.   No grooming or patting for at least 24 hrs.   If however, you have to ride then keep the movement as free as possible.  Work can be increased to normal levels within a couple of days.

Is is alright to have my horse shod immediately after a treatment?

No.  Your horse should be shod immediately before a treatment but not within 7 days after a treatment.

Can my horse be vaccinated after a  treatment?

No.  It is advisable to have your horse vaccinated a few days before or 7 days after a treatment.

If my horse is involved in a fall or accident or has just had surgery when can he be treated?

As soon as possible, this will make sure that any injuries or surgical intervention he has had are given every opportunity to heal as quickly as possible.