The Benefits for Horses

The horse is a natural athlete and is designed to move with freedom and in an unimpaired way.  Any restriction is likely to be accompanied by pain, discomfort or both.  Bowen has been designed to stimulate the system of the body to effectively self heal by ensuring that the body is realigned and brought back into balance.


The Bowen Technique for horses is as all embracing  as the Bowen Technique is for people and is approved by the European College of Bowen Studies.  It is a hands-on holistic treatment which, through a series of non-invasive rolling moves over muscles, tendons and connective tissue, allows the body to reset and heal itself.  There are no known contra indications.

It is also used to great effect on dogs, cats, cattle and other animals.

The Equine Bowen Technique is not a means of diagnosis, nor will a practitioner ever contravene the advice of your veterinary surgeon, in whose care the treatment of your horse will firmly remain.  The Equine Bowen Technique is accepted as a manipulating therapy, along with physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic, by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons under the Veterinary Surgery (exemptions) Order 1962.

It is a prerequisite for the Practitioner to treat your horse that you have obtained the consent of your Veterinary Surgeon before any treatment begins.