My inspiring story of Chilli the cat

Every now and then we see amazing results following treatment. This story is both inspirational and heartwarming to hear.

  “This is my inspiring story of Chilli the cat – a 14 year old female whom I rehomed. When I took her in a year ago she was very thin and scared. She was unable to fully weight bear on her hind legs and her underside was constantly soaked in urine. Over the months I concentrated on getting good nourishing food into her and getting her trust. However, her immobility worried me and her under carriage had urine burns and ulcers. My Vet was helpful but also happy for me to seek complementary therapy for her.

It was suggested that I try Philippa who is a Bowen Therapist. Well, after three treatments Chilli’s hind limbs are getting stronger, she is no longer collapsing! With the use of a homemade, carpeted ramp, she is now able to get onto my bed unaided. Her urinary incontinence has gone from complete lack of control to a spasmodic dribble. Her temperament is no longer withdrawn and scared but mostly alert and trusting of me (and Philippa).

I find Philippa to be very caring, empathetic and understanding of both animal and owner. Chilli has been, from the onset, completely at home, trusting and relaxed with Philippa who I found to be very giving of herself and took a lovely interest from the start. After only a few minutes of meeting Philippa my scared and timid little cat was happily eating Dreamies out of her hand!

Philippa has provided a lovely warm, peaceful and caring place to take your pet. Not only did Chilli enjoy her visits but I did too.

I have been absolutely amazed with the improvement in Chilli and have found the Whole experience with Philippa and Bowen very inspiring.

Philippa has taken so much care and interest in Chilli, as if it were her own cat. She has helped me in many ways with her knowledge of cat care. I would certainly recommend her and Bowen Therapy to everyone.”

MD, London SW14

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