After suffering from sciatica in my left leg for 2 years I was persuaded to try Bowen Therapy.  I had three treatments from Philippa about 30 months ago and have remained pain free ever since.  Hard to believe something so gentle can be so effective.  Thank you Philippa.

A.T.  Dorking

I recently had a hip arthroscopy/repair operation.  Before I went into hospital I was lucky enough to have 2 sessions of ‘Bowen’ treatment by Philippa.  I had heard of the treatment but wasn’t fully aware of its benefits.  Philippa carried out the treatment very professionally, explaining how it would aid my recovery and general well being.  She also discussed how to prepare for the operation, suggesting supplements to help and recommended Helios Homeopathy for advice.  My operation went well and the doctors have been very surprised by the lack of swelling, water retention, damage to nerves and bruising which are very common side effects to this particular procedure.  My recent check up at the hospital has gone well and all the doctors are very pleased with my recovery in just 3 weeks.  I am hoping to have a  follow up Bowen appointment before returning to work to assist with my phased return.  I have had many general anaesthetics before and have never recovered so well and so quickly therefore I would definitely recommend Philippa and the Bowen treatment prior to surgery.

A.T.  Cranleigh

I am writing this testimonial so people can see what a difference Bowen has made to my dog.  I own a New Zealand Hunterway called Mabel.  She is 7 years old and a long limbed dog.  She started to go lame behind about a year ago and was stiff after rest.  As time went on she became more withdrawn and being a sensitive soul anyway became more and more reclusive, hiding in her crate almost full time, never going into the garden.  I took her to my vet where she was x rayed.  This showed arthritic changes happening along her spine and one of the bnony growths had compromised the sciatic nerve which was causing her pain, as though someone was kicking her, hence the hiding away.  The vet put her on a high level of Metacam which helped but she was still very depressed.

I am a Bowen therapist so contacted Philippa (who was training to do canine Bowen) and asked her if she would treat her.  Well, after the first appointment Mabel started to get herself back to having a life and after three treatments she was playing in the garden again and enjoying long walks.  Now we have a new puppy she enjoys playing with her too.

We now have Mabel on less than half the dose of Metacam as agreed with her vet, also turmeric paste and regular top up treatments with Philippa.  She is fantastic!  We have just been away and walked a few miles in Northumberland and no sign of lameness.  She is just so happy to be with us.

I really hope that people will read this and take heart because having lost my last dog to spinal problems I had nearly given up hope particularly with Mabel being so depressed I was beginning to think there was only one course of action left.  So to have had such instant and permanent results with Bowen I am over the moon.

Philippa has a very calm way about her and along with her lovely dogs made Mabel and myself feel a lot better about what was happening and we have had a fantastic, positive and lasting outcome.  Thank you.

E.B. Midhurst

My name is Joan and I have an elderly Burmese cat, 14 years old.  He now has pain in his back and front legs.  I took him to my local vet who prescribed pain relief medication which worked quite well on the pain but made my cat very unwell.  I decided to take him to another local vet who is also qualified to practice homeopathy.  I tried a couple of homeopathic treatments, which did not seem to help.  This vet suggested I try Philippa Heaton who does Bowen treatments  on people and animals with her fingers, over soft tissue and muscles to relieve stress and pressure on parts that are painful.  To my joy it really worked on my cat and he is now able to move more comfortably.  I know that he is old, but I just want him to be happy and as free from pain as possible, so this treatment combined with some medication that he can tolerate makes life more comfortable for him and I feel that I am paying him back for all the good times that we had and have together.  I must add that he is now going out in the garden again, watching the birds and playing with leaves.  Every day is such a bonus.

J.T.  Dorking

Dear Philippa,

I just want to thank you so much for your help with Speckles,  using your Bowen Therapy technique.

Speckles, my 12 year old Border Collie who has had two litters of puppies and an agility career, underwent surgery to remove cancerous tumours and Philippa kindly saw her both immediately before and after surgery.  I could see that the gentle hand movements from Philippa were welcomed by Speckles as she was relaxed throughout these and the other treatments she has received from Philippa.

Speckles’ recovery from this operation was amazing and the vets too were impressed by how quickly she recovered.  She is back to her noisy, busy self and keeping a check on her children and grand daughter!

It is always hard to quantify how much a certain treatment has helped or not but I strongly feel that Bowen did contribute to the treatment she received for her tumours.  I did not think she would make another Christmas, so I am delighted to say that she has and am confident she will make her 13th Birthday on 8th March 2016 and a long time after this.  Thank you Philippa.

S.D. Alfold

I have been delighted with the treatment that my Newfoundland dog, Tilly tot has received from Philippa.

The Bowen technique is a gentle form of treatment, which Tilly enjoys very much.

Philippa has a natural gift with dogs, and it is obvious that Tilly is comfortable in Philippa’s care.  Tilly positively presents herself to Philippa.

I particularly like how Philippa explains what she is doing and she has a very caring nature while treating Tilly.

Thank you for all your help with our wonderful lady.

C.P.  Cranleigh

I met Philippa because my Newfoundland dog Zoe, had been going through spates of limping, particularly after playing with other dogs.  She was X rayed but there was no significant cause other than the onset of mild elbow dysplasia.  Philippa gave Zoe four sessions of treatment which she absolutely adored!!  Philippa’s calm approach and gentle movement of Zoe’s fascia tissue has worked wonders and there has been no limping since the treatment was completed.  I have kept going with ‘top-up’ sessions every few months just to make sure that everything stays as it is.

I have also been treated by Philippa myself, due to stiff neck and shoulders.  She was able to locate the problem areas and then apply the appropriate Bowen treatment with excellent results.  She is highly professional in her approach to clients whether they be two legged or four  and has a wealth of knowledge of both human and animal physiology.  You come away from her sessions not only feeling better but with a greater understanding of your body and how it moves.

S.W.  Oxshott

I went to see Philippa with a frozen shoulder issue which was giving me increasing pain and discomfort.  I had already been to a physiotherapist with mixed results and not much improvement.  Not only did Philippa quickly locate and treat the problem area but she also gave me a thorough overall ‘MOT’ assessment.  There was a distinct improvement after the first session and now three visits later I have  most of my shoulder mobility back.

She is highly professional in her approach to clients and has a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how the body works and moves.  You come away from her sessions not only feeling better but with a great feeling of calm having had, for a man, two full hours to offload!

Many thanks for all your help – I feel on the way to a full recovery.

M.M.  Surrey