The Benefits for Riders


If you are investing in a course of treatment for your horse, it might be worth considering Bowen for yourself also.

Once your horse has experienced the benefits of Bowen and is realigned and balanced, imagine what it must feel like to have an unbalanced, crooked rider!

Have you been having problems with your horse on turns and circles, canter lead or jumping?  Take a moment to consider how you are sitting in the saddle.  Are you balanced, with your weight evenly distributed?  Are your stirrups the same length?  Are you sitting over your horse’s centre of balance?

Pain and tension often goes unnoticed (or ignored) in riders as the body is very adept at compensating; after a period of time however, you ‘mysteriously’ begin to feel pain in, for example, your shoulder.  Sometimes this pain is actually referred pain, in other words, the original problem may have been in your knee but the pain is now being felt in your shoulder, and so on.  By helping to relieve pain and tension, Bowen encourages the rider to provide a more even, balanced weight on the horse’s back.  An unbalanced, crooked rider often results in an unbalanced, crooked horse and vice versa.