What is Bowen for Dogs

Canine Bowen Therapy is a gentle physical therapy.  The treatment is delivered slowly and calmly, with short breaks between moves or a set of moves, allowing the dog time to accept the therapist and the therapy.  Light pressure controlled rolling moves are made over precise points on the body to subtly disturb the underlying muscles, tendons, nerves and soft tissue causing vibration within the muscle which is detected by the nerve endings (of which there are millions) transmitting their findings to the brain which is then triggered into making sense of the abnormalities it has detected.  This is the key to the Bowen Technique.  The unravelling is done layer by layer and each individual brain and body, whether human, equine or canine must be allowed to work at its own pace.

The practitioner does not diagnose or set out to treat specific conditions or ailments, instead the body is treated as a whole.  The dog’s emotional state, lifestyle issues are taken into consideration, together with an observation of its movement and any other physical conditions or symptoms.

The holistic approach to illness or disease is not about isolating problems or symptoms, more about seeing them as ways in which the body displays imbalances of some kind.

Bowen Technique treatment helps dogs to relax and the moves are thought to release tension and bring about natural rebalancing adjustments to the whole body.  The dog is given the opportunity to dictate the pace and duration of the treatment and even which areas are worked over.