What is Involved

Bowen Therapy works over the soft tissue of the body, i.e. everything that is not bone.  The soft tissue involved are connective tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia.  The moves made are not hard or forceful, no cracking, crunching or manipulating.  No oils, creams or gadgets are used.  The treatment is simple, gentle, slow and pain free.

Bowen is not a substitute for veterinary treatment.

Before your dog’s first treatment I will spend time with you completing a comprehensive consultation form, gathering information which will give me a profile of your dog.  It will also allow your dog time to accept me and his surroundings.  Next I will assess your dog standing, walking and turning.  I will take photos and video clips each week which will allow me to further assess any changes that have occured.  I will run my hands over his body to feel for any abnormalities and also for the dog to get used to my touch.

Treatments take approximately 30 minutes with short breaks between moves or a sequence of moves.  This allows the healing process to take place.  However your dog will often dictate the treatment and the pace.  The optimum time between treatments is 5-7 days.

During a treatment your dog will respond in any or all of the following ways:-

  • Moving away to a quiet corner and lying down for a few minutes before returning to the therapist.
  • Looking at, nibbling, chewing or scratching the area just worked on.
  • Rolling
  • Yawning
  • Lip licking
  • Drinking water

Often a dog will know which side and where the next move should be by presenting that part of his body to the therapist.

The dog’s coat, eyes and/or skin may change during treatment.  Eyes may briefly become dull, almost cloudy, then become clear, bright and sharp.  The coat can become dull.  Generally the coat will be smooth and glossy by the end of the treatment and will continue to improve in lustre and texture during the weekly interval between treatments.

Treating animals is all about understanding and listening to them and being aware of their behavioural and physical changes which greatly maximises the efficacy of the Bowen treatment.

It is important for owners not to allow patting or stroking until after the dog has rested or slept.  This is essential following a Bowen treatment.

The dog may drink more water, urinate more frequently and the defecation pattern may change for ther following 24 hours, this is quite normal.

Re-injury can occur in dogs as the treatment removes the pain and facilitates greater mobility.  The dog will feel better following a treatment and the owner will respond to the dog’s enjoyment and increase its exercise or play.  This should be avoided.  A short, gentle, controlled amount of exercise following treatment is recommended and usually happens naturally with most dogs as they sleep, stretch and move around.  Excessive exercise and jumping around should be avoided.

It is important to closely observe your dog and note any mental or physical changes during a course of treatments.  All changes are good.  They might come in the form of stiffness, tiredness, increased energy, become clingy or unusually cheeky.

We recommend that no other form of treatment or manipulation (.eg. chiropractic, laser therapy, acupuncture, massage, magnotherapy, aquatherapy) is given during the course of Bowen Therapy for at least 5 days after the last session.

You will be given after care advice for your dog also telephone support should you have any concerns.

Your vet will be kept informed.